One Life is a non-dual philosophy. To know One Life is to experience all in an awakened state of being. In the One Life, all sentient beings are one. There is no path to the One Life, it is simply here and now.


All beings come into an incarnation with an incarnational history. Some people call that karma. That incarnational history serves to guide you in the way that you navigate through your life. It’s serves to remind you of experiences that both challenged you in the past and delighted you in the past. You have tremendous freedom to recreate those experiences with new people, to find the same people and create new experiences. You have tremendous freedom with your incarnational history.

For most people, this incarnational history is very mysterious, quite unknown to them. But, for many people, such as yourselves, there are inklings and understandings and feelings and thoughts that come up in particular situations and circumstances that cause you to at least open up the possibility that something that you are in the midst of now has roots in another lifetime.

You come into this incarnation with your genetics at hand. Your genetics are going to have a great deal of influence in the nature of your physical vehicle. And yet, even your genetics are not absolute. You’ve seen people who don’t look like their parents, who don’t act like their parents, who live differently than their parents, and yet they have the genetic structure given to them by their parents. Your genetics are a particular template for your physical body; however, the more freedom you access to create your reality, the more changes you can make in your genetics--even your genetics do not have to be locked in.

You come into your experience of incarnation. You take on an imprint, which we call original fear. It becomes a big template through which your reality is created. It becomes an understanding that you have that you believe is who you are, that influences your belief in who you are. You tend to have a lot of inner dialogue, inner monologue, inner talk that is quite profound and deep and believable. It comes out, oftentimes, out of this original fear.

This original fear is something that is just one of the imprints that you might experience at birth. Your parents contribute to other imprints. First experiences you have in different situations can become imprints. Your first experience at school, your first teacher, your first romantic encounter, all of these things can generate a psychological imprint which you can fixate upon and lock in with a triangulated pattern of unconscious emotional energy.

At the point of incarnation, oftentimes people speak about their path. That their path appears before them or it becomes a factor in the way in which they are configuring the nature of their incarnation. Your path depends upon your presence. It depends upon you standing in the here and now and observing the next step. A path is only revealed one step at a time. A path is not a destination. It is a purposeful, step taking process that is momentary and absolute in its nature, meaning that the next step only appears in the moment and it appears as a result of an absolute knowing that is, in a way, a random encounter with your deep self.

Your next step doesn’t appear, the kind of next step that we’re talking about, the kind of path that we’re talking about, out of your intellect. If you are trying to create your next step out of what you’re thinking about, you’re far too limited. It doesn’t appear out of your emotions. That is also too limited. It even doesn’t appear out of your spiritual training. That is too limited. In fact, we would say, the process of discovering your path in a lifetime is really nothing other than a momentary fulfillment of a motivation to experience influenced by incarnational history, imprints, genetics, conditioning, learning, and original fear. So you take your steps in this lifetime. For most human beings, certain things become comfortable, habituated, a loss of creativity is experienced, even if it may not be noticed or realized.

In order to maintain a sense of comfort in your incarnational identity, the concept of quantification comes in, where the natural tendency is to identify everything in a hierarchy, identify self according to position in relationship to someone else, to count the enoughness and not-enoughness of things, the right-ness and wrong-ness of things, and in so doing to live a life that is based on a lot of inner ledger sheets and clipboards. Checks for “yeses” and checks for “nos”. Checks for accomplishments and big black Xs over failures. These are ways that one habitually maintains an identity, a sense of self, based upon quantification. In the process of all of that most people have some kind of random encounter with their deep self. It could happen in the midst of a dream. It could happen as a young child in some state of reverie. It could happen in a psychedelic drug experience. It could happen in meditation. It could happen while cooking dinner. This random encounter with the deep self is an experience that all humans have. But not all humans recognize or in some way remember this experience. A random encounter with the deep self is an uncontrived meditative experience, a glimpse into non-dual reality. It is simply a door opening in a moment to a self beyond self. An indescribable perfected sense of life itself. Those individuals who note this random encounter, generally speaking, strive to find ways and means to create more. They start to sense the illusion that has been their life experience thus far and strive to find that same state that they glimpsed in a random encounter with themselves. This leads to meditation practice, spiritual seeking, self help books, coming to channeling events. It leads to all kinds of explorations, all of which are both unnecessary and necessary simultaneously. The moment the illusion of even that is noticed, the random encounters with the deep self oftentimes become even more numerous. However, encounters with the deep self are also oftentimes coupled with a sense of discontentment with what is. A need develops to find methods and understandings that assist in releasing the habituated patterns of unconscious emotional energy that create a feeling of stuckness and a feeling of separateness from other realms of existence and light which were glimpsed in random encounters.

Recognize at this point that without unconscious emotional patterns there is a greater freedom, a greater recognition of even the illusion of being stuck in the pattern, and more creation from the deep self. It’s at this point when vision is developed. Vision is the means to look beyond the limits and the boundaries that have been created to define and hold self into a limited view of self as not being the One Life expression that you really are. Ultra sensory perception and sensitivity increase as a means of expanding the experience of life as it is. You can come to realize that the limits you’ve created have been created primarily for your own sense of comfort. That they are incredibly arbitrary, not necessary, can exist or not exist, that your life is not dependent upon your limits and that really you have been empowered throughout the entirety of this lifetime to do anything, feel anything, be anything, perceive anything without fear. The moment that you feel that sense of empowerment, it is the moment that you recognize that every moment is truly an opportunity to create---to be a creative expression of absolute freedom and deep self.

There is no progression involved in creation from the deep self. You don’t just do the work and release 27 patterns a week for the next 6 weeks and then suddenly all you’re doing is creating from the deep self. That would be wonderful, and it could happen, obviously, because anything can happen, but this really isn’t about tools that need to be applied in a certain order, in a certain way, in a certain stage of evolution in order to suddenly become something called “enlightened” or “realized” or aware”. You’re already all of that. You don’t become anything. You’re not on a path that takes you from point A to point B that can be defined by quantification or progression. It doesn’t mean you might not want to play with that and feel like you’re going from point A to point B, but don’t believe it. Don’t even assume that if you take off from point A you’ll get to point B whatever you’re predetermining point B to be. Simply experience who you are in the moment, realizing that it is your perceptions that are primarily determining and hence defining your reality in that moment. The more expansive your perceptual capacity, the more likely your reality in that moment will reflect that expansiveness. An expanded reality is necessarily one that seemingly goes beyond the usual limited sense of reality. But that limited sense of reality has value also. It’s not something that you reject and somehow make a wrong move in your life. It’s something that you notice with divine neutrality. That you see the nature of your limited experience with just as much presence as you see your unlimited possibilities and potentialities.

We suggest that all of the tools that we have brought to you ultimately become automatic, that you don’t really have to think about them and struggle with them and put them on paper and do them right. You can really trust that after a few experiences of becoming aware of your own unconscious emotional patterns, you can almost automatically see how they are triangulated and almost automatically move through them and have a realization that leads to yet another assumption about the nature of your reality, hence your perceptions, hence your self. What are you really doing when you’re doing all this work and this exploration and this self inquiry? You’re basically changing the definition you held about who you are and doing it so frequently and with so little attachment as to finally become free of all definition. You’re looking at the places you’re stuck and the feelings you have that are difficult in the unconscious, emotional energy that’s there, and original fear and imprints, and you look at all of that in hopes of convincing yourself that you’re actually something other than you’ve been assuming yourself to be. And yet, even that, you have to toss aside in unattachment. The opportunity is to consistently let go of anything you think you are, even if you’re thinking it for just that moment because it’s convenient. Even if you’re thinking it in that moment because it’s beautiful. Even if you’re thinking it in that moment because in that moment you think it’s your deep self. The opportunity is to become free. Free of all the ways in which you have perceived reality that have come out of all of the elements of imprints and original fear and incarnational history and genetics and conditioning and learning and patterns and lack of awareness. This opportunity, a human lifetime, is truly a precious gift. It is nothing more than that. But nothing less than that, either. We would say, continue to ask yourself if you’re making a contribution to the One Life by being exactly who you are, by not asking too much of yourself or asking too little of yourself, by accepting who you are but also by being masterful ----being a master illusionist. A lot of this comes through deepening your sense of trust in your own innate perfection, that whatever you are, whatever you’ve done, whatever you will do, if you judge it, don’t like it, want to change it, you can. If you judge it, like it, don’t want to change it, you can. But if you ask yourself, does this make the kind of contribution to the One Life that I really feel I’m here, capable and willing to make, and the answer is “Yes”, then we would say you’ve definitely honored the preciousness of this human lifetime that you have. Trust that as your most natural inclination. That is what you do in the most uncontrived state that you operate in. That that is who you really are. To trust that, is in itself, is a magnificent contribution to the One Life. We’re really here to simply assist you in coming into respect, love, understanding, compassion, and kindness, with all of those things that are who you are. So, we say, so be it and so it is.



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